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Strength at Status Flow is the most personalized and scaleable group exercise class you will find. I hesitate to call it a group exercise class, it’s more accurately defined as personal training at scale. By incorporating a monthly assessment with your membership, individual goals are established and integrated into class, and each exercise is perfectly progressed or regressed to challenge you at your current fitness level. No more falling behind and feeling intimidated, or surpassing your peers and growing bored. No more merely adding weight to the bar or adding reps to the set. We modify the complexity of the movement to go up or down in difficulty.—If the pull up is to hard, we work eccentric pull-ups, kettlebell pull-overs, and pull-downs, if it’s to easy, we move toward front levers, muscle-ups, rope climbs, one-arm pull-ups.—


At Status Flow, we abide by the paradox of focused attention: if you try to focus on too many things, nothing gets paid any attention. If you have 1 dart and try to hit 3 dart boards at the same time, you miss every target. If, however, you aim at the first target, then the second, and finally the third, you can hit each target you focus on. The same is true for your fitness endeavors. If you set too many short-term goals, none of them will be met. If you focus on 1 goal, you will surely meet it. 

“Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

— Ron Swanson

We prioritize 1 movement each for pushing, pulling, knee-dominant leg movement, hip-dominant leg movement, balance, and locomotion for each 6-week session while maintaining our other strength-based movements with daily supplementary exercises. We also undulate between weeks of high intensity (maximal strength) exercise and high volume (hypertrophy) exercise. Finally, strength classes are split into upper and lower body sessions to allow for higher intensity workouts and greater recovery between classes. Our method is thoroughly designed to maximize your strength adaptations while preventing the dreaded plateau-effect. 


Strength is often trained in a vacuum. The common assumption is by increasing your overall strength in the gym, you’ll increase your strength in the “real world.” But this assumption is proven wrong time and again. Take a look at the person who raises their maximal squat weight, but simultaneously loses 6 inches on their vertical jump. Another example is the boxer who increases his bicep curl and correspondingly loses punching power. 

Let’s not forget that strength is a skill, and that you only grow stronger in the environment you train within. You adapt specifically to the demands you place on your body. If you don’t bridge the gap between the strength you’ve gained and the environment within which you’ll use it, you’re left with wasted resources and untapped potential. 

We ensure direct application of our strength training by incorporating variations in tempo, angle of force, stability, verticality, joint alignment, and environment. We utilize simple tools such as the gymnastic rings, dowels, kettlebells, olympic weights, wrestling mats, and your body to create complex strength application that can be tailored to any game, sport, activity, or lifestyle.


Muscles are frequently thought of and trained in isolation. Workouts are frequently split into “chest and triceps,” “back and biceps,” “shoulders,” and the over-simplified amalgam: “legs.” Body builders separate individual muscles and isolate their training via various machine- and cable-based exercises (along with specific free-wight training). The result is a body of separate, isolated muscles as well as disjointed and “clunky” movements. 

Rather than training specific muscles, we train specific movements. Rather than training back and biceps, we incorporate pulling. Rather than thinking about our legs, we jump, we squat, we sprint. The result is a shift in body perspective and an integration of our ENTIRE BODY into each and every movement. The quads, glutes, and abs are as involved in a handstand as the shoulders, so we integrate our entire musculature into our handstands. 

Our integrated approach to training translates to a body that is interconnected from head to toe, that is ready to move and react in every position, and that is prepared to perform in ANY environment.

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