Mobility Class

Weekdays 8:30-10am, M/W/F 4:30-5:30pm Saturdays 9:30-11am

Joint Integrity

Mobility is the only class in the greater Santa Cruz area that tackles flexibility and mobility training on a joint by joint basis. Rather than tossing you into the class’s prescribed movements, we begin by examining your range of motion in EACH joint, as well as any presence of pain. If your range of motion is lacking, or if pain is present during movement, we facilitate the rehabilitation and re-stabilization of the appropriate joints through Functional Range Conditioning principles. Then, we create internal force focused at individual joints ranging from the deepest tissue (joint capsule) to the most superficial (muscles and fascia just under the skin) in EVERY DEGREE OF FREEDOM at that joint. By focusing on the range of motion at the joints themselves rather than a particular set of movements or poses, we ensure we are achieving the desired affect at each joint of increased resiliency, integrity, and strength. In short, we are not getting better at any one movement practice, we are improving our joint’s capacity to move and our bodies capacity to move as a whole.

End Range Strength

Soft tissue injury typically occurs near a joint’s end range of motion where the muscles are weaker, so, in Mobility class, we focus on increasing strength and resiliency in your end-ranges. Rather than simply stretching your tissue into your maximal range of motion, we ask you to produce force through the stretch in increasing intensity. We also ask you to actively control the movement throughout the stretch as opposed to passively being forced through it. The result is quicker flexibility gains, real mobility progress, and the ability to use your full range of motion in athletic activity. By increasing the tissue strength at the end ranges of motion, we increase the degrees of freedom at the joint, the ability to create force and power throughout the full range of motion, and we decrease the likelihood of future injury.


Many of your inefficient movements that lead to shitty mobility or eventual injury stem from a lack of physical awareness. When you can’t voluntarily segment and move individual body parts, you definitely can’t coordinate global movements with ease or efficiency. Over time, the joints that you don’t move lose their range motion. 

Quick shoulder blade test: Stick your arm out straight in front of you, elbow locked, arm parallel to the ground, hand 6 inches away from a wall or other stationary object. Without rotating at the spine, touch the wall with your hand by moving your shoulder blade away from your spine. Then elevate your shoulder blade so your shoulder moves up toward your ear. Then without bending your elbow or rotating your spine, pull your hand off the wall by retracting your shoulder blade (move it toward your spine). Finally, depress your shoulder blade so your shoulder falls away from your ear. This is an example of joint segmentation as well as movement awareness. If you were able to do this, CONGRATS!! If not, that’s an elbow or shoulder injury waiting to happen!

In Mobility class, we bring awareness and intention into our movements by isolating joint motion, exposing our challenge areas, and growing our ability to segment and integrate movement throughout the body. We increase our physical awareness at the small scale, so that large scale movements can take care of themselves (increase in scapular awareness means more efficient deadlifts, faster throws, more accurate punches).

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