Join the Beginner’s Hand-Balancing class Mondays and Wednesdays!

In this class, you will:

Build confidence going upside down.

Create strength, mobility, and control for Handstands.

Utilize dynamic progressive movement patterns to develop and evolve your handstand.

Learn and apply principles of progression crucial to ANY skill development.


Class Details

Days/Time: Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Location: 2800 S Rodeo Gulch Rd. Soquel, CA 95073

Cost: $25 drop-in. $199 for 8 weeks of Handstands. Included in unlimited monthly membership.

Taught by: Erin Courtney BS, CPT, CES, FRCms

Class Curriculum

At Status Flow, we treat every skill like a wheel with many spokes, and each spoke needs to be strong and stable for the wheel to work properly. The aspects (spokes) of the handstand that we will be focusing on and developing to create consistent, predictable progression for anyone and everyone who comes to class are:

  1. Vulnerabilities (building resilient wrists, shoulders, rotator cuffs)

  2. Alignment (wrists, shoulders, spine, hips, toes)

  3. Integration (tension)

  4. Confidence (bail management)

  5. Balance (endurance in handstand)

  6. Consistency (entrance strategy)

  7. Variability (different entrances)

  8. Movement (into the UPSIDEDOWN)

Handstand Things

Don’t miss your 8 weeks of Handstand Things featuring step-by-step progression and exploration designed to unlock your potential in THE UPSIDEDOWN. Sign up Now!