Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30-1:30pm


In the BURN class, we take the engine into the red. We dial back the complexity of our movements (to remove the chance of injury) and we take our level of effort to its max. Using bodyweight-based plyometrics, ballistics, and sprinkling in the occasional weight, we train in short bursts of speed, agility, and power, targeting our fast-twitch muscle fibers (responsible for sprinting, throwing, jumping, fighting, surfing, and essentially all fun sports..). By alternating between bouts of high intensity movements and short periods of rest, we guarantee peak intensity training while significantly reducing recovery times between bouts. 

Cardiac Output

What good is power if it can’t be sustained? It’s like owning a Ferrari with a 1 gallon gas tank.. not very fun. In BURN, we capitalize on the cardiovascular benefit of high intensity interval training. When we push your power to its limits, your heart is pumping an insane amount of blood to your body. And since your heart is a muscle, it grows and adapts, like every other muscle, in response to the forces placed upon it. By alternating between work and rest periods, your intensity stays HIGH, your cardiac output stays HIGH, and your heart grows in its capacity to pump blood to your body. Simply put, we’re increasing the power of your engine while simultaneously growing your gas tank and its ability to supply gas to your engine.


Strength and skill are still our primary goals! Each BURN class will focus on 6 different strength movements: 1 pushing, 1 pulling, 1 knee-dominant, 1 hip-dominant, 1 skill, and 1 core-dominant movement. Each exercise will be progressed to your individual strength protocol, so that your rep range will fall between 2 and 6 reps of each movement. To ensure maximal adaptation and development of strength and power, you will perform 6 sets of each exercise of the day. Expect to grow strong, powerful, and skilled, all while creating and maintaining a healthy heart!

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