You want to live YOUR life to the fullest.

You need a body that is free to move

And a mind that is free to move it.


At Status Flow, every aspect of our holistic training program is focused on giving you more freedom to move your body. Whether your goal is increasing organic strength, improving mobility and flexibility in your joints, developing coordination in gross and fine motor skills, or creating fluidity and grace in your movement, our classes are designed to deliver.


We utilize elements from gymnastics, yoga, capoeira, jujitsu, power lifting, Axis Syllabus, Anatomy Trains, and Functional Range Conditioning to create a developmental movement program that picks up where your physical therapist left you and carries on into elite professional athletics. With our dynamic movement progression methodology, we will meet you at your current fitness and skill level and unlock the doors of strength, mobility, and coordination as we journey into new movements together.

Specific Goals:

Specific Classes.


Class Overview

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You want to be stronger for your passions in life. You want to develop real world strength with real world applications. You want to progress in the quickest, most efficient, and lowest risk fashion possible. Strength at Status Flow boasts the ONLY periodized progressive group exercise class in Santa Cruz. Focusing largely on bodyweight exercise, each successive 6 week session is separated into foundational upper and lower body components and devoted to strengthening specific movements prioritized for each session. 

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Your joints feel tight and restrictive. You ache throughout the day. You want to be more flexible. You want to feel more open in your body. You want your old injuries to fade away. Mobility at Status Flow uses Functional Range Conditioning principles to build resiliency through your joint’s entire range of motion. Rather than only stretching muscles, we also strengthen tissues at their end ranges. So you not only increase your range of motion, you increase your ability to USE your range of motion. 



You want to move with grace and fluidity. You want to gain mastery over your body. You want to feel more athletic and more natural in your movements. Flow at Status Flow creates an environment to integrate your strength, mobility, and skill in an organic manner. We develop your handstand, cartwheel, bridge, elbow lever and their infinite variations. Focusing on connecting movements and disrupting patterns, Flow is our most unique offering and will transform the way in which your fitness happens.



You’re ready for the sweat party. You want to develop power, strength, quickness, and your cardiac output. Welcome to BURN, the Power Hour, where we transform your body into a HIIT machine!! Bring a towel and a water bottle. You’ll need both.

“Your body is the key to your potential life experience, start making it your priority.”